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The Horrors

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On January 27, 1971, David Bowie arrived in America for the first time…wearing this dress. He was detained by security for over an hour.

These photos were taken in LA in February. (My edits. Sorry I don’t have credits for the photos or scans. Lemme know and I’ll add ‘em.)

Oh God, love him so much… and the fact that he eventually landed up at a Holiday Inn makes me think of the Elton John song from the same period that I love so much…

Elton John’s “Holiday Inn” is from Madman Across the Water, released November 5, 1971. It’s an overlooked song on a sadly overlooked album, which also includes “Tiny Dancer.” 

I’m using your lovely comment as an excuse to reblog this photoset, tbh. It’s a scientifically proven fact that the world needs more pictures of David Bowie in a dress.


Poison Ivy, The Cramps.